Mr John Marshall - Consultant Otolaryngologist

  • Mr John Marshall

    Consultant ENT Surgeon

Welcome to Glasgow ENT

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer face to face consultations at the present time.

Telephone and video consultations can be arranged. These are being covered by most insurance companies - please check - or on a self pay basis.

Please contact Julie on 0800 0848425 to book.  

Ross Hall hospital 0141 810 3151 then options 1 and 1
Glasgow Nuffield Hospital 0141 334 9441. 
Other enquiries to 0800  0848425.

All operative ENT procedures are on hold at this time.


If you have a problem with:

  • Your ears or hearing, or suffer from dizziness
  • Your nose or sinuses, or have facial pain
  • Snoring or have hoarseness or throat symptoms

Or if you are looking for a specialist in:

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty (corrective nasal surgery)
  • Cosmetic Otoplasty (prominent ear correction)
If you wish to have a private consultation or find out more, please follow the links provided throughout the site or go to our contact page, or phone 0800 0848425.