Mr John Marshall - Consultant Otolaryngologist




Face to face and telephone consultations are available.

Both Ross Hall Hospital and The Glasgow Nuffield hospital have measures in place to allow safe consultations and endoscopic nose and throat examination when clinically necessary. Microsuction for ear conditions is also available.

Safety precautions are in place  and PPE is used when required.
Please contact Julie on 0800 0848425 to book.  

Ross Hall hospital 0141 810 3151 then options 1 and 1
Glasgow Nuffield Hospital 0141 334 9441. 
Other enquiries to 0800  0848425.


If you would like to make an appointment, please telephone 0800 0848425.

If you prefer to use email please go to the contact page. 

For most appointments you will require a letter of referral from your GP.
Note: This does not apply to appointments if you are seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty or prominent ear correction (otoplasty).

Please note that due to time constraints it isn’t possible to enter into an online consultation, or email discussion of symptoms