Allergies are a major cause of nasal symptoms. Sneezing, blockage, congestion and a runny nose frequently occur, and those affected are more likely to suffer from asthma and conjunctivitis (itchy eyes).

Common nasal allergies occur to house dust, cat and dog hair and pollen.

Avoidance of allergens (the cause of the allergy) can be helpful but is not always easy. Treatment may include antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays and saline (salt water) sprays or rinses.

Sometimes the inside of the nose becomes swollen with allergies causing blockage that doesn't respond so well to medical treatment. Polyps (grape like swellings) can develop in the nose, and sometimes the turbinates (bony structures that project into the nasal cavity) can swell up in response to allerges. Treating these problems with a small operation can often improve symptoms, though the underlying allergic tendency will remain. Examination of the nose will also check for other nasal problems like a deviated septum which may be contributing to the problem and which can be corrected if required.

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