Hearing tests (Audiometry)

If required during an initial or follow up consultation, it is usually possible to have your hearing tested in a soundproofed room. Other tests such as tympanometry (a test of the movement of the eardrum and middle ear pressure) is also available if required.

Depending on the results of hearing tests, further investigations, advice about the provision of hearing aids is also available. The pros and cons of NHS or private hearing aids can be discussed.

When hearing loss is due to a middle ear problem such a perforation of the eardrum, problems with the ossicles (the three hearing bones) or ear infections, the various medical and surgical treatments of these problems are considered.

For patients with complete hearing loss in one ear or some other types of conductive hearing loss, a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid may be suitable.

Please note, the cost of hearing tests are not included in the consultation fee, and a separate hospital fee may also be charged 

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your symptoms further, please do so via using one of the available options on our contact us page.