Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Some people with a ‘conductive’ hearing loss or single sided deafness can benefit from a bone anchored hearing aid or BAHA.
With a BAHA, a small titanium implant is fitted behind the ear.  A small external hearing aid clips onto the implant to allow hearing transmission directly through the bone, bypassing the ear canal.   This can be of great benefit to those who can't wear a hearing aid because of repeated infections.

For those with complete or nearly complete hearing loss in one ear, the BAHA can also help by transmitting sound from the deaf side to the good side directly via the bone. Whilst it won't restore hearing in the deaf ear, it helps to cancel the "acoustic shadow" that otherwise exists on that side.

A 'test band' is available so those considering a BAHA can try one out and get an idea of the benefit they may expect.

For more information about the BAHA please follow the link. 

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