Cosmetic Otoplasty

Prominent ears can be a cause of self-consciousness and often lead to teasing. Whilst this doesn’t bother everyone, for some it can have a significant negative impact on their self-confidence. Friends and family may underestimate the upset that this can cause. In most cases surgical correction is straightforward, leaving a natural look to the ear that deals very effectively with the problem.

Surgery for prominent ears is usually called otoplasty or pinnaplasty.  It can be performed under local or general anaesthetic as a day case.  

An incision (cut) is made behind the ear.  One or both ears are corrected, as required. 

After the operation a bandage around the head is used for the first night.  A head band is worn at night time for the next two weeks.  Dissolving stitches are used behind the ear so there are no stitches to be removed in most cases. 

What are the risks?

Like any operation there is a small risk of infection which may require an antibiotic.  There will be some discomfort in the first week or two which may require simple painkillers which are routinely prescribed.

Rarely a second procedure may be necessary.  

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